This is a fun event to help raise money for Daniel Boone Little League. We are going through CBS Sports so you will be able to track your progress and the progress of every player in the DBLL Bracket Challenge. This is completely voluntary and is separate from the other fundraisers and buyouts we offer.

Please read all of the rules and instructions below

Cash and Prizes

  1. Winner will receive 10% of the gross sales up to $250
  2. 2nd place winner will receive 5% of the gross sales up to $100
  3. 3rd place winner will receive 1% of the gross sales up to $50
  4. We will have a random drawing for 5 winners (not including top 3) for fun prizes including Power Alley cage time.

Bracket Rules

  1. $5 per Bracket – enter as many times as you can
  2. Every player try and sign up 3 additional people
  3. Money must be submitted prior to brackets closing on Thursday
  4. Once games begin on Thursday, no additional bracket will be accepted
  5. On-line forms only through CBS Sports – paper copies will not be accepted.
  6. Winners will be decided by total score, tie breakers will be decided by total points and if still tied then we split the winnings
  7. Winning entries must have a paid entry
  8. All entries without payment will be disqualified and deleted

How to Sign up

Click here to access the DBLL Bracket Challenge

  • You must create an account or log in with an existing account after you click the above link.
  • After you log in, you will see “DBLL Bracket Challenge” along the top of the page. You can click “Fill Out Your Bracket” to create up to 10 brackets.
  • You can also download the apps: iPhone/iPad, Android
    (Remember, you need to sign into the app with your account to see the DBLL Bracket Challenge)


The easiest way to pay is online through PayPal. You can use your credit or debit card or a PayPal account. Click this PayPal link to make a fast, convenient payment.

Other payment options require an invoice, which you can download and print here

Invoice payment options are:

  1. Mail in a check to Daniel Boone Little League, P.O. Box 1885, Columbia, MO 65205
    • Include your invoice with name and number of entries
    • Must be postmarked before Thursday, 3/16/2017
  2. Pay at The Power Alley
    • Fill out the invoice with name and number of entries
    • If leaving cash or check, put invoice and payment in an envelope and label “DBLL Bracket Challenge”


Money raised will go toward complex and league improvements such as:

  1. New baseball and softball equipment
  2. BASES Program
    • Baseball And Softball Educational Scholarship
    • Awarded to 4 area High School Seniors that have played at DBLL